LINK to local scholarships for Otselic Valley Central School

Scholarships become available through out the school year and are put in the Daily bulletin and announcements.  Students should check in with the guidance office periodically to check for new scholarships and deadlines.  Please see below for a list of scholarship websites to visit.

Scholarships and Other Myths

I am sure you have heard it said that “there are millions of dollars worth of scholarship monies gone untapped” each year. While this may or may not be true, it is important for students and their parents to beware of how they go about “tapping” these scholarships. Unfortunately, there are individuals in the community who have developed financial aid scams to take advantage of parents who are struggling to find money to finance their childrens’ educations. They look like official companies and may send professional-looking business letters to high school students promising the ability to find these untapped monies and guaranteeing great amounts of scholarship money to those individuals who take advantage of their offers. Unfortunately, they charge large fees for this search, which can be done for free just by filling out the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and being a diligent visitor to your high school guidance office. Please beware of financial aid offers and watch for the following warning signs:

* Guarantees of certain amounts of scholarship money “or your money back”.
* Promises that “you can’t get this information anywhere else”.
* Promises that “We’ll do all the work”.
* Statements like “ You have been selected” or “You are a finalist” (in a contest
you never entered).
* Requests for credit card information or bank account numbers.

In addition, please be wary of the Internet. While there are some legitimate scholarship searches on the web, there are also numerous scams. See your school counselor if you have questions or concerns about certain sites.

The number one rule when it comes to financial aid and scholarship searches is “Don’t pay for free money”! There are numerous resources available in your high school guidance office to help you find scholarships. It will take some diligence and time on your part to find and apply for these awards but it will not cost you a cent!

Websites for finding Scholarships:















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