O V Star Awards: Empathy

Otselic Valley Star Awards are still shining! Every day staff members notice students doing remarkable things entirely on their own, including actions that reflect the year’s character education theme. October’s theme was “empathy” which is also the year’s general focus. The ability to sense other people’s feelings and imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling is a cornerstone of peaceful, productive school communities, including classrooms.Star Awards were especially fun because of the special guest who returned to O V to make those presentations: Miss Blake! Retirement hasn’t dimmed her enthusiasm for Otselic Valley and for mindful recognition of heart-centered action. She presented unique O V stars to students in Morning Program recently, as well as to older students in their classrooms.

Watch for the next round of O V Star Awards around November’s theme: Responsibility.


This student gave a handmade bracelet to a teacher to cheer her up. The bracelet and the gesture did cheer up the teacher.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to KAITLYN D.

This student is hoping another student learn how to tell time. She is a very caring friend.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to BAILEY L.

This student always helps her classmates without being asked. She is kind and supportive when they are having a hard time and shows that she cares when they are struggling. This student has been a great example of what empathy can look like in the classroom every day.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to HADLEY L.

This student has been seen on numerous occasions helping fellow students of all ages with objects they have dropped. She will see a fellow student in need and help them when others will pass them by. She is very observant of her surroundings and others. She is a very empathetic person.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to ABBY W.

During play practice, an actor was having a difficult time, and was stressed out and close to tears about learning lines. This student consoled the actor and let them know that he was struggling with his lines too. The student showed empathy toward his peer and helped them move past the situation. The peer was then able to be confident for the rest of the practice.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to WYATT E.

This student is a very empathetic student. He is always concerned about others and he has a heart of gold.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to RYLEY P.

These students asked often about one of their teacher's family members who was not feeling well. The teacher appreciated their thoughtfulness.
These O V Stars for Empathy go to JOSH M. and CRAIG D.

This student, the Captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team, reminded the team that we should celebrate after every game no matter the score because we had the opportunity to play games. We have been fortunate to have been able to play most of our scheduled games this year. The student asked us to think about the Brookfield players who had most of the season cancelled and how they must have felt.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to EMILY M.

This student helped a new student on their first day of school by showing him his cubby and where to put his folder. He asked our new friend to play with him during playtime and on the playground so he wasn’t left out.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to ALIC G.

This student is a very kind friend. He has been seen giving hugs to a friend when he thought they were feeling sad.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to BRODIE V.

This student grabbed a friend’s hand and walked with him in line when they were crying.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to ADRIAN M.

This student noticed a friend was sad in gym because he didn’t get a ball. She took her ball over and gave it to him.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to IRIS O.

While the class was lined up for lunch and recess, this student noticed that a friend was struggling to get his sweatshirt on. The friend’s head was stuck inside the sweatshirt. The student asked if she could help and when he said yes, the student helped him to get his head through the top. The student then handed him his lunch and told her that this has happened to her before too. It was wonderful to see this student notice that a friend was struggling and choose to help him because she knows that struggling in that way is not a good feeling. Thanks for helping a friend who was stuck and for helping him know that he isn’t alone.
This O V Star for Empathy goes to JAYLEIGH S.

These students have taken the new student under their wings to make sure she understands new work and helps her complete reading/ E L A centers in the morning. Thank you for making her feel so welcome in our classroom.
These O V Stars for Empathy go to MELODY C., BLAKE M., and CALLIE E.

These students were in math with a peer in a small group, and the third student in the group was displaying frustration with the task. Their teacher is working to have her kids do a lot of cooperative work and teamwork so they move as a unit and work together. These students worked with the frustrated student to use strategies to solve the problematic math. Ultimately, all completed the tasks and all three kiddos were happier and successful. Great job showing empathy to your peers.
These O V Stars for Empathy go to SAWYER R. and ARIA R.

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