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Parent space available in next Shared Decision Making Committee meeting on Jan. 11 via Zoom

Another meeting of this year's Shared Decision Meeting Committee is scheduled for Monday, January 11 at 6:30 pm via Zoom. The group comprises representatives from district administration, teachers/staff, and parent/community members. Please note that openings still remain for interested parent/community representatives. Learn more at this previously published website article. 

MINUTES: December 14, 2020

Present: Danielle Smith, Joseph Gross, Libby Norton, Shelly Richards, Georgia Gonzalez, Sabrina Whorrall, Kathryn Rutz, Colleen Morse

The meeting started at 6:30 pm.

The committee discussed considerations for future community engagement.  The committee came up with or continued with ideas from the last meeting.  Ideas included:

1.      The summer recreation program – training for new individuals to run the program, as two individuals that currently run the program will likely not continue doing in the long-term future.
2.      Continue “Campaign for Reading”
3.      Shared classes, services, programs, and athletics
4.      Secure virtual learning – what set standards mean
5.      Potential shared proms, senior trips, other field trips with local school districts
6.      More and different electives for 7-12th grade
7.      Enrichment opportunities – high honor and honor roll (other achievement milestones)
8.      Attendance improvement – how to improve for virtual learning
9.      Utilization of Xello, especially for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade
10.    Increasing clubs – meet student interests
11.    Textbooks for improving writing and spelling – including district wide program
12.    Hands on share program for content and non-content areas – possible COSER through BOCES
13.    Improving student social interactions

The committee discussed what the currently has done well and not so well over recent years.
Strengths included:

1.    Reading specialist
2.    Summer Space Camp – 3 weeks for 4 days per week (part of summer recreation program)
3.    Offering college courses, includes distance learning with Afton
4.    Improved parent engagement (especially with the usage of Seesaw, Schoology, and Kami)
5.    Starting to integrate PLCs

Weaknesses included:

1.    Writing program – continuity
2.    Professional development for differentiating in PK-12
3.    Sharing and collaboration in several content areas
4.    Afterschool programs – student management program (especially for virtual students)