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Students work on 1940 John Deere Model B tractor restoration
young man  with safety glasses holds wrench over green tractor 
A lot is happening in the Power, Structural and Technical Systems class including recognition of history,  workforce preparation, a little  recycling, and plenty of school + community connections. 
Ms. Parrott explains: "Last week our class started a new project in the shop, and are the students excited or what?! They are working on restoring a 1940 John Deere Model B tractor, and working on removing and rebuilding many parts throughout the tractor. Talk about hands-on learning! We are very thankful for community members like Peter Robinson, the tractor's owner, for allowing our class this opportunity. Stay tuned for progress!"

In this ag mechanics class students have previously welded, built play props, and now they are doing small engine work. They are in the shop just about every day, and now they can do even more thanks to community support.

"Peter Robinson plans to let the FFA show off the restored tractor at various events/tractor shows that we attend (like Fishing Heritage Day in May)," Ms. Parrott added. "He is very interested in antique tractors and buys many of them as restoration projects. We have the time and labor, and he is supplying the new parts we need, so it will hopefully be a win-win for both parties!"